Globe decorative light bulb


If beauty is in simplicity, then our new MegaGLOBE Star bulb is the quintessence of this thesis. Being beautiful, it is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It provides vital energy and light for any type of room. Whether it illuminates minimalist elegance or fills with light the ornaments of glamour style – it always fits perfectly into the room, and is an interesting decorative element in itself.

A sophisticated, large bulb with a bright and warm light brought out by an ornate spiral-shaped filament. It brilliantly illuminates any type of room, blending with both classic and modern interiors. The GLOBE de Luxe bulb is a decoration in itself providing a unique decorative element. It is also a natural choice for large glass lamps. Increasingly, it is used to illuminate store rooms, which thanks to it gain a unique and magical atmosphere.




Weight N/A
Żarówka Globe

Globe 105W, Globe 60W


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