Experience, quality and tradition

Oplot has been proving since 2005 that beauty and functionality can co-create a harmonious pair . Following modern trends in interior design, we know that small color accents and interesting decorative forms add style and character to modern interiors.

For 17 years, we have wrapped hundreds of thousands of kilometers of cable, which makes us experts in this field.

A company with tradition
Decorative wires

The production of decorative braid based on the use of yarn is very close to the industrial history of Lodz . The place where we make our braiding is the former textile factory of the Bouquet brothers , which began operations in 1886.

We follow the industrial tradition of our City.

Our company provides you with decorative braided cables made of modern Italian polyester fibers – durable and abrasion-resistant, characterized by elasticity and resistance to stretching.

Cables produced by our company do not deform even under heavy weight, it is difficult to cut or break them.

Standard cable sheaths wear out, rub through and even break over time. The textile braid protects the cable from this type of mechanical damage, extending the life of the cable and increasing our safety.

Our color braided cables are products of the highest standard and workmanship.

Thanks to a wide range of colors that do not fade under UV radiation, different fiber thicknesses and unique designs (including custom-made), our color braided cables are used by both individual customers and market leaders (lighting manufacturers and wholesalers) from all over Europe.

Our offer

In our regular offer we have the following cables in 14 colors , on request we can make braid in 80 on each type of cable :

  • braided cable 2×0.75
  • braided cable 3×0.75
  • 2×0.75 braided twisted cable
  • braided twisted cable 3×0.75


Popular products

Check out our bestsellers. Cables, cables in decorative braid in many colors and patterns. We offer two-core, three-core, twisted-pair cables in braided Italian polyester and cotton fibers. We also offer interesting accessories, decorative light bulbs, wire lamps.